Advanced Dental Technology

At Barker Dentistry & Implant Center, we use a myriad of advanced technology to provide you with the safest, most accurate, and most comfortable care possible. Some of the technology we use in our dentistry and implant center includes:

Digital X-Rays – We use digital x-rays to provide safer and more efficient imaging. Digital x-rays use digital x-ray sensors, which expose both patients and staff to less radiation than traditional film x-rays. This also eliminates the need for chemical processing and allows us to electronically transfer x-ray images instantly as well as enhance the images for more accurate viewing.

Digital Dental Impressions – Messy and uncomfortable dental impressions are a thing of the past! We use digital dental impressions to provide our patients with a significantly more pleasant experience. Our digital scanner generates 3D digital models that help us create both well-fitting and comfortable dental restorations.

To learn more about the different cutting edge technology that we use to provide top-notch dental care, give us a call!

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