Four Reasons Why Sedation is Ideal for You

Four Reasons Why Sedation is Ideal for You

Sep 01, 2020

Sedation dentistry reduces your dental phobia and helps you relax and cooperate during the dental procedure. Continue reading to learn about sedation.


Many patients fear dental procedures. They worry about potential pain and discomfort they may experience. Some prefer to endure the pain rather than set foot in a dentist’s office. If you are dental phobic, sedation dentistry in Conroe can make you feel relaxed during dental work. Find out why.

  1. Reduces Gag Reflex and Anxiety

You may experience gag reflex during a regular dental exam and procedure. A gag reflex is the urge to throw up and occurs in the back of the mouth. The body triggers it as a protection mechanism from swallowing something foreign. At the dentist’s chair, you may gag due to the physical touch or anxiety during dental work.

Our dentist in Conroe, TX, will use dental sedation to reduce dental anxiety and gag reflex.

  1. Does not Cause Unconsciousness Unless Needed

During sedation dentistry in Conroe, TX, we administer medications before or during the dental process. We will use different sedation methods and dosages depending on your anxiety level and procedure. The drugs will make you feel sleepy, though you will be awake the entire dental process.

Sedation dentistry comes in handy, especially if you are about to go through a lengthy, complicated procedure and are very anxious. The anxiety may interfere with your treatment plan. In such a scenario, we will put you on general anesthesia. The drug will make you unconscious (puts you into a deep sleep).

There are different methods of sedation dentistry to calm you during dental work:

  • Nitrous Oxide/Laughing gas. You will inhale nitrous oxide combined with oxygen.
  • Oral / pill sedation. We will give you a pill one hour before the dental procedure.
  • Intravenous sedation (IV). The difference between the pill and IV is the method of administration. IV is given through the veins, and the effects are instant.
  • General anesthesia. Our dental team gives the sedative drug through an IV or a face mask.
  1. Reduces Pain and Saves Time

Our Conroe dentist will put you on local anesthetic and sedative medication to relieve pain during the dental procedures. We apply or inject the drug on the area to be treated. The site becomes numb after around ten minutes, and you won’t feel pain in the course of the dental work.

Sedation dentistry in Conroe saves time. You can withstand lengthy procedures with minimal exhaustion, pain, or discomfort. Still, the dentist can operate with ease and for longer hours. Thanks to sedation, intricate dental work is done in a single appointment. Otherwise, we would have completed the lengthy dental procedure through several visits.

  1. No Side Effects 

Sedation dentistry in Conroe, TX, is safe. Before the drug clears off, you may experience:

  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches
  • Feeling sick
  • Low blood pressure
  • Feelings of heaviness

The effects last for a few hours after the procedure. If you are obese or have obstructive sleep apnea, inform our dentist before receiving sedation. Obesity and obstructive apnea increase the risk of developing complications from anesthesia.  Inform our dental team of existing medical conditions and if on drugs. The information you provide will help our dental team determine if you are the right candidate for sedation dentistry.

How Long Does It Take for the Sedation Medication to Wear Off?

The duration the sedatives take to wear off varies. It relies on the type of sedation used and the dosage administered. For example, it takes a few minutes for laughing gas to wear off, while the general anesthesia medications wear off after 24 hours.

You will be unable to drive if you have a headache and feeling drowsy, so have someone accompany you. Additionally, take a day off and avoid intense physical activities until the effects wear off. Finally, headache nausea, and drowsiness may last for the rest of the day. Recovery may take time depending on the type of procedure done, so schedule some time off.

Take Away

If you are due for a dental procedure and considering sedation dentistry, visit Barker Dentistry & Implant Centre. We will take you through the sedation options available and recommend one that suits you.

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