What is Restorative Dentistry & How It Can Help You?

What is Restorative Dentistry & How It Can Help You?

Aug 01, 2020

The responsibility of a dentist is immense. With regular use, the quality and state of your teeth can deteriorate. With good oral practice and guidance of the dentist, you can maintain your teeth. Oral health involves the oral cavity. Apart from teeth, you need to take good care of the cheek, tongue, and gums.

As per specialists, dental treatment should be done at least once in six months. Visiting the dentist once in three months can be a good habit. The diagnosis and preventive treatment of oral diseases can be planned and executed by your dentist.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a professional term used by dental professionals to denote the overall treatment of replacing damaged and missing teeth. Dental bridges, root canals, dentures are some of the dental treatments undertaken by dentists to restore your lost teeth.

Restorative dentistry in Conroe, TX, can provide integrated management for your oral health. Oral health issues should be addressed as your mouth is functional and has aesthetic value. You do not need any specialist to perform such treatment, although some reconstructive surgery might need the intervention of a prosthodontic dentist.

Apart from chewing, our teeth help you to speak properly. The empty spaces between the teeth, commonly referred to as dental gaps, need to be filled to keep the rest of the teeth aligned. Replacing the worn-out teeth makes it easier for you to maintain sound oral health. The plaque and tartar can set in the chipped teeth, and it is better to replace the worn-out teeth. The dental gap can dent your confidence and affect your health as well as your appearance.

Options for Teeth Restoration

The primary goal of restorative dentistry in Conroe is to preserve your natural teeth. The dentist might remove your chipped or broken teeth with bridges, dental implants, and dentures based on your need and dental structure. Filling in the dental gap can boost your confidence, reduce the chances of dental cavities, and improve the longevity of adjacent teeth.

The dental gaps can also be the ideal spot of deposition of plaque and tartar. Bacterias thrive on these plaques, and the bacterial activity releases acidic substance hat corrodes your teeth. Missing teeth can also cause uneven bite and put an extra burden on the neighboring teeth.

The planning for dental restoration should include both fiscal and physical factors. You should stress your health as well as on the budget. You can look for “restorative dentistry near me,” and get many results. But you should choose the clinic that would include an emphasis on preserving your natural teeth before going for overall restoration with alternative options.

Depending upon your dental health, the dentist might resort to partial or full dentures. If you have healthy gums, dental implants and a root canal can be a better option. You need to clean the dentures, but the implants fuse with your jaws in due time and resemble natural teeth.

Types of Dental Restoration

Thanks to advancements in dental science, you can have the choice to choose from different dental restorations. The dentist can help you with repairing or worn out and decaying teeth. Two basic types of dental restoration are:

#1: Direct

The direct dental restoration involves placing a dental filling into a tooth cavity that has been prepared separately. The whole process can be completed in a single visit to your dentist.

Based on the type and location of a dental filling, the dentist can guide you with the one most appropriate. Depending on your teeth workload, the dentist might go with resin or glass ionomers for the front teeth. Similarly, porcelain or amalgam filling might be used for the molars and premolars.

#2: Indirect

When the dentist suggests dental replacement in forms of onlays, inlays, and dental crown, dental restoration is known as indirect restoration. An indirect recovery requires more than one visit to your dentist. Porcelain, gold, and amalgam find applications in dental inlays and crowns.

The Clinic

Barker Dentistry & Implant Center at Conroe, TX, has been providing dental restoration treatment without complaints. With bilingual and family-friendly staff, you can be assured of the best available treatment.

Apart from general dentistry, we specialize in restorative dentistry, and you can get insurance cover from leading insurance firms.

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