What to Expect When Visiting a Dentistry That Is Open During COVID- 19

What to Expect When Visiting a Dentistry That Is Open During COVID- 19

Jul 01, 2020

In the wake of the COVID – 19 pandemic, we were forced to change and reexamine our ways of life. On a global level, we have had to find ways to cope with this pandemic and curb its spread.

In light of this, dental practices were asked to temporarily put a stop to offering elective and non-emergency dental services. The government directive permitted our dentist near you to only handle emergency dental cases and to postpone any dental procedures that did not warrant immediate medical attention.

This was a problematic directive to execute; however, it was aimed at curbing the spread of COVID -19 and reserving protective gear for the front line workers who needed it the most.

The good news is that, after examining the current state of affairs in regards to the pandemic, the government began allowing dental facilities to resume providing all dental services, including elective and non-emergency procedures.

This change was a result of the daunting realization that regular dental services such as routine checkups and cleanings could not be put off indefinitely.

However, even though our dentistry is open during COVID-19 in Conroe, TX, things are not entirely back to the usual.

There are several guidelines issued that our dentist near you has to adhere to. These guidelines are set to ensure that you, your loved ones, and our dental staff are protected at all times against the pandemic.

Guidelines Issued Regarding Dental Visits During COVID-19

A lot has changed; your dental visit will not be as it was before. This is because many preparations have to be made before your dental appointment to guarantee that you will be safe during your procedure.

Here are some of the significant changes that you can anticipate to encounter when scheduling your next dental appointment:

Before Your Dental Visit

Before you come in for your dental procedure, you need to make an appointment with us. We are discouraged from handling walk-in appointments as these may put our dental team and other patients at a high risk of exposure to the virus.

When you contact our dental office to book an appointment, our office staff will ask you questions about:

  • Your travel history. This information is vital and will help us ascertain whether you have had any exposure to the virus
  • Your current state of health. For instance, do you have any fever, fatigue or flu-like symptoms linked to the COVID-19 virus
  • Your exposure to the virus. For example, do you have an infected family member or have you come into contact with an infected individual

You may be asked to limit the number of people accompanying you for your dental visit. You will also be required to stick to the allocated time because we have to regulate the number of people we have in our waiting room at any given time.

During Your Dental Visit

When you arrive for your dental appointment this is what you should anticipate:

  • You will be asked to keep your face mask on at all times
  • We will take your temperature and check for any of the COVID-19 symptoms
  • We may ask you to wait outside till we clear the waiting room because we need to enforce social distancing within the waiting room and minimize contact between patients
  • Our staff member will ask you the same questions we asked you when you were booking the appointment, to ascertain that nothing has changed in terms of your exposure to the virus
  • Within the waiting room, you will notice that the regular entertainment resources we have like magazines or toys will no longer be there
  • You will be given a hand sanitizer when you come in and do not be alarmed if you notice us wiping any surfaces or items you come in contact with during your visit
  • The dentist’s chair will be covered with a disposable cover, and so will all the equipment and machines within the dentist’s office. These disposable covers are changed after every patient visit or examination
  • Our dental staff will be dressed in more protective gear than usual. This may include face shields, gowns, and goggles
  • Before your exam, you will be provided with a preprocedural mouth rinse

These measures may seem overwhelming, but they have been put in place to protect both you and our dental team.

After Your Dental Visit

There will be a scrub down after your dental appointment, to double-check that any surfaces you came into contact with are disinfected before the next patient comes in. You should notify our office if you begin exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms 14 days after your appointment.

Despite how uncertain these times are, it is still vital to maintain your oral health. At Baker Dentistry & Implant Center, we are here for you. We have met all these guidelines to ensure that you and your loved ones will be safe during your dental appointments.

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