When Is It Time for You to Consider Dentures?

When Is It Time for You to Consider Dentures?

Dec 01, 2020

Not everyone may require dentures, and you may dread the idea of losing teeth to face the consequences that accompany it. However, there are many things you can do right now and in the future, if you want to prevent needing dentures. You can begin by making regular visits to your dentist for exams and cleanings and also discuss whether you will need dentures at any stage.

The early warning signs of needing dentures can be identified by dentists. You can also help your dentist and yourself by heading for a consultation right away if you already have some missing teeth, suffer from persistent and severe toothaches, or any other problem that indicates you may lose your natural teeth soon. Here are some factors for you to be on guard against:

Red or Swollen Gums

If you have red or swollen gums, it is a warning sign of periodontal disease. If your condition is in its early stages, it can be reversed with treatments from your dentist. However, if periodontal disease has progressed, you are already a victim of bone loss, which results in tooth loss and the requirement of dentures. You can prevent periodontal disease by brushing and flossing regularly and maintaining excellent oral hygiene. However, if you have a progressive condition, dentures can help you to replace missing teeth.

Severe Toothaches

Do you have a persistent toothache that won’t go away? The toothache could be a sign of tooth decay, having penetrated your tooth to cause severe discomfort. Here again, root canal therapy could be a viable option for preserving your tooth. However, if the decay is extensive and requires tooth extraction, dentures are beneficial to cover the gap.

Chronic Indigestion

Chronic indigestion, especially if you are having hard and chewy foods, may also be an indicator that you need dentures. You may not consider it a consequential matter because you are chewing with your teeth correctly. However, if your teeth have lost their functionality, making it harder to chew, you are likely to take more massive spoonfuls and swallow the food. If you experience any of the symptoms, you must visit your dentist for a consultation.

What Are Your Options after Visiting Your Dentist?

Your dentist is well-equipped to determine your need for dentures and will offer appropriate advice according to your specific situation.

If you have not experienced significant tooth decay, you may be offered partial dentures in Conroe, TX, as it is an excellent option. Partial dentures only replace a portion of your teeth and rest on healthy neighboring teeth around the denture for support. Partial dentures are anchored by precision metal clasps set up by your dentist. These artificial teeth look and feel like natural teeth and prevent your remaining healthy teeth from shifting or causing any problems.

You are offered full dentures in Conroe, TX, if you are prepared to wait for your gums to heal before you get the artificial teeth. At times, the healing may require a couple of months to support full conventional dentures. However, if you discuss your situation with dentures in Conroe, TX, the dentist may offer you immediate load dentures to replace your lost teeth without waiting for your gums to heal. However, it would help if you considered a drawback that accompanies this variety. After you lose teeth or have extracted, your gums shrink, and immediate load dentures will need adjustments several times before they provide the best fit. This entails multiple visits to the dentist’s office until your gums have healed.

Dentures have been around for quite some time and have served people efficiently ever since they were introduced. Present-day dentures are made from material looking and feeling like your natural teeth. Dentures are incredibly helpful for many people who are considered unsuitable for implants or do not want to have dental bridges.

Dentures function similarly to implants or bridges and help you eat, speak, and smile confidently. Best of all, dentures prevent sagging of your face merely because you have lost your natural teeth. Thinking about dentures may be scary, but if you are susceptible to any dental issues that can make you lose teeth, the thought of having an affordable option to replace your teeth is comforting and must be used if necessary.

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