Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Conroe, TX

If you’ve been experiencing small twinges of discomfort every time you chew, you may have a cavity that requires a filling. Unlike bone, tooth enamel cannot regenerate itself, and cavities cannot be reversed. However, fillings are helpful in preventing cavities from deteriorating.

Cavities take months or even years to form, and they do not disappear on their own. If ignored, they can turn into abscesses or cause inflammation and pain. If you notice increased pain and sensitivity in your tooth, please contact our trained dentist near you for a filling.

Cavities Need Fillings in Conroe

Getting a filling at Barker Dentistry and Implant Center is a simple procedure. However, it can prevent the need for complicated and extensive treatment at a later stage. Fillings in 77385 can prevent the need for a root canal or an extraction and increase the likelihood of retaining your natural teeth. Our skilled dentist in Conroe, TX, may place inlays, onlays, or crowns for larger cavities.

We use the latest imaging technology to detect hidden cavities that may be causing pain and discomfort. If you postpone your visit to Dr. Barker, the cavity may spread to the tooth pulp or gums and transform into a dental emergency.

Where to Get Fillings Near Me

Dr. Barker may place composite resin or metal fillings, depending on the location of the cavity. Metal fillings near you are usually preferred for cavities in the rear teeth where bite forces are higher. Resin fillings look more natural and blend in with your natural teeth, although they are not as strong as metal fillings.

Inadequate cleaning, brushing, and flossing may lead to decay formation under the filling. If your filling becomes damaged or falls out, please visit Barker Dentistry and Implant Center for repair or replacement. If the cavity has grown, we may need to replace fillings in Conroe with a crown.

Although fillings are generally durable, they are prone to chipping or cracking at times. Teeth grinding or higher chewing forces may cause fillings in Conroe, TX, to chip. If you grind your teeth at night, our dentist may recommend that you wear a night guard.

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