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Dental Implants in Conroe, TX

Nobody looks forward to losing their teeth. Unfortunately, circumstances and habits can conspire to rob us of our teeth when we least expect it. Tooth loss impacts our lives in many ways, all of which are negative.

First, gaps in your teeth can deal a massive blow to your self-confidence. When you think your smile isn’t good enough, you’ll feel self-conscious and hold back when it comes to smiling and interacting. Second, missing teeth cause the remaining teeth to shift, something that can interfere with your bite and the distribution of chewing forces.

Tooth loss also causes bone atrophy, which leads to biting or facial collapse. The collapse of the facial structure is what makes people who have lost their teeth seem older than they are.

The great news is that you can fix the problem of tooth loss by choosing dental implants near you.

At Barker Dentistry And Implant Centre, we provide traditional dental implants as well as immediate load implants to patients who are struggling with tooth loss. Contact us right now to book an appointment with our dentist in Conroe, TX.

Traditional Dental Implants

If you’re hoping to get conventional dental implants in Conroe, TX, you must have healthy bone and gum tissue, be in good overall health and have the patience, commitment, and willingness to follow through with treatment instructions.

During your initial planning appointment, our dentist near you will examine you to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for implants. The examination involves taking dental x-rays to get in-depth insights into the state of your bone and gum tissues. During the second appointment, our dentist performs dental implant surgery, during which the titanium tooth roots are implanted into your bone. We carry out this surgical procedure under anesthesia, and sometimes sedation.

After several weeks of healing and osseointegration, our dentist completes the transformation process by placing crowns on your implants.

Same-Day Dental Implants

Same-day dental implants are those where the replacement tooth is loaded immediately after dental implant surgery. Same-day dental implants improve the aesthetic of a patient within a single appointment, unlike traditional implants where a patient has to wait several months before receiving their replacement teeth.

A popular type of same-day or immediate load implants is the All-On-Four® implants.

With All-On-Four implants, our dentist in Conroe, TX implants four tooth roots at strategic points of your bone. These four implants support a lower denture, which is placed right after implantation. This way, a patient who was previously missing all their teeth can go home with a brand new smile within a single visit.

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