Digital Dental Impressions for Enhanced Patient Experience

Digital Dental Impressions for Enhanced Patient Experience

Here at Barker Dentistry, we’re continuously looking for ways to improve our patient experience. Over the years, we have transformed our processes and adopted the use of cutting-edge dental technology to cut down treatment times, guarantee comfort and enhance patient satisfaction.

One of our most remarkable additions to our technology suite is our digital scanner. Thanks to our digital scanner, we have said goodbye to messy and uncomfortable dental impressions and adopted a new standard of dental care.

What to Expect

The digital scanner has digitized our dental impressions process. We use the digital scanner to obtain intraoral scans of a patient’s oral cavity, including their teeth and gingival tissue. These scans are then used to generate 3D digital models to inform the creation of comfortable and well-fitting dental restorations.

The 3D models generated via our digital scanner are highly accurate and detailed and may be used for restorative and orthodontic treatments, including dental crowns, veneers, implants, bridges and braces. The scans obtained this way are also readily shareable, enhancing collaboration between the dentist and the dental lab team, which results in a streamlined process and shortened treatment times.

Our dentist in Conroe, TX, uses the hand-held wand of the scanner to trace the size, shape and exact placement of your teeth. The crisp images obtained from the scanner are projected on a computer monitor, allowing you an unobstructed view into your oral cavity.

Benefits of Digital Dental Impressions

Our digital scanner has changed the way we serve our patients. In particular, patients can look forward to:

  • Enhanced comfort. You don’t have to contend with messy and gag-inducing dental putty impression material.
  • Shorter treatment times. Our digital scanners enable us to get accurate and detailed scans the first time around. These are then instantly shared with the dental lab team, thus shortening the treatment times.
  • Better patient education. The intraoral scanner gives you unprecedented views into your oral cavity. This way, our dentist near you is better able to “show and tell” in regards to your dental health.

Are you looking to get crowns, implants or any other restorative dental work? Does the thought of getting dental impression fill you with anxiety? At Barker Dentistry, manual impressions are a thing of the past. Reach out to Barker Dentistry today to experience the comfort of digital dental impressions.

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