Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Conroe, TX

For most of us, the thought of root canal treatment is associated with anxiety. The apprehension often forces patients to postpone essential dental treatment that they need and deserve. Root canal treatment in Conroe can help provide instant pain relief and help save your natural tooth from extraction.

Why Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Dr. Barker may perform root canal treatment after examining the affected tooth. After a visual exam, we may take diagnostic x-rays to determine the location and nature of the problem. If the infected tooth is impacted, our dentist in Conroe, TX, may need to make an incision in the gums to treat the tooth.

Root canal treatment in 77385 involves cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing the root canal against further damage. Thanks to advanced sedation dentistry, we are able to keep our patients pain-free throughout the procedure. Our patients at Barker Dentistry and Implant Center report feeling no pain during the treatment.

Once treatment is complete, our dentist will prescribe suitable medication to control post-procedural soreness. You can expect to go back to your normal activities or resume work in a couple of days.

How Do You Know You Need Root Canal Therapy?

It may not be necessary to get root canal treatment in Conroe for every toothache. The following signs may indicate an infected root canal:

  • Throbbing tooth pain when you bite down using the affected tooth
  • Swelling or soreness in the gum tissue surrounding the tooth
  • Dark discoloration as the decay deteriorates into a cavity
  • Acute sensitivity that lingers even after you finished consuming hot or cold foods (the nerves in the root canal are inflamed)

Can I Get Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment near Me?

Not all infected root canals show up as pain or even discomfort. But an x-ray may highlight a hidden cavity that requires root canal treatment even though there is no pain.

Dr. Barker will administer suitable sedation in the form of a gentle injection or a pill before starting the procedure. Root canal treatment at the Barker Dentistry and Implant Center is nearly as simple as getting a filling.

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