Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Conroe, TX

If stained and unsightly teeth are turning your smile into a frown, then teeth whitening in Conroe, TX, is a reliable way to brighten up your appearance. Our popular in-office teeth whitening treatments are guaranteed to spruce up your smile.

How Does Teeth Whitening Help?

Our qualified dentist at Barker Dentistry and Implant Center uses safe, professional-grade dental bleach to lighten up your teeth. Teeth bleaching is non-invasive and does not require local anesthesia as we do not need to grind down the tooth. Teeth whitening in 77385 can lighten the shade of your teeth by almost 6 to 8 times; our patients notice a significant difference when they walk out with refreshed smiles.

Very few people are blessed with naturally white teeth, and tooth enamel tends to discolor over time. Teeth may become stained due to natural aging as the enamel starts to wear down, exposing the yellowish dentin layer underneath.

Consumption of dark beverages like tea, coffee, and other staining foods and smoking can also stain teeth. Our reliable teeth whitening in Conroe can break down stubborn stains and make your teeth look lighter and brighter. If you have any questions about the duration, costs, or benefits of the procedure, please call Dr. Barker for an appointment.

What Happens During Teeth Whitening in Conroe, TX?

We will first assess the color of your teeth and select the right shade to match your skin tone and facial contours. If you need additional treatments for decay, cavities, or chipped teeth, our dentist will perform these before we begin teeth whitening treatment.

The dentist will protect your lips and gums from the bleach by fastening a lip retractor and applying a gel. Then, the dentist will apply the bleach and leave it on for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. We may repeat this step multiple times to achieve the right result.

How Can I Benefit from Teeth Whitening Near Me?

Teeth whitening treatment can dramatically boost your self-confidence and improve your appearance. If you have a wedding, graduation, or office event coming up, call our skilled dentist for teeth whitening in Conroe, TX.

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