TMJ Treatment Teeth Grinding

TMJ Treatment Teeth Grinding in Conroe, TX

Patients experiencing recurring jaw pain during chewing or yawning may be suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems. If not treated on time, TMJ problems can grow progressively worse and become more painful over time.

Our highly trained dentist near you offers a number of effective TMJ treatments in Conroe.

Why Do TMJ Problems Occur?

As with other joints, the temporomandibular joint is also prone to weakness, misalignment, and wear and tear. The joint attaches the face to the skull on both sides of the jaw and continuously works to help us chew, laugh, speak, make facial expressions, and yawn.

The joint is made up of several smaller muscles that interact with each other to enable speaking and chewing functionalities. Dr. Barker will first ascertain the cause of the TMJ pain before determining the most suitable mode of TMJ treatment in Conroe, TX. We use advanced 3D imaging technologies to take x-rays of the jawbone, teeth, and oral cavities to get a clearer picture of the location and cause of the problem.

The Barker Dentistry and Implant Center offers a range of treatments starting from simple, conservative treatments like massages or exercise to TMJ surgery for advanced cases.

Do You Need TMJ Treatment Near You?

The following symptoms could indicate a problem in the temporomandibular joint:

  • Discomfort while trying to yawn or laugh
  • Restricted range of motion in the jaw area
  • Headaches or jaw pain during the day as well as night
  • Popping or clicking sounds when you try to chew or bite your food

Chronic teeth clenching or grinding (known as ‘bruxism’), or internal muscle misalignments may cause temporomandibular disorders. Dr. Barker is the most suitable person to offer advice regarding TMJ treatment in Conroe.

Treatment from Our TMJ Specialist Near You

TMJ treatment in 77385 may include applying ice-packs, TMJ splints, gels or ointments, or TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) therapy that involves administering low voltage current to treat muscle tension or jaw surgery.

Please do not hesitate to call the Barker Dentistry and Implant Center for timely assistance for TMJ pain.

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