Tooth Removal/Extractions

Tooth Removal/Extractions in Conroe, TX

While regular exams and cleanings can go a long way in optimizing oral health, tooth extractions are inevitable at times. Thanks to developments in sedation dentistry, tooth extractions near you have become almost pain-free, and the process is now associated with minimal discomfort.

What to Know About Extractions in Conroe, TX

Our skilled dentist near you may perform a simple or surgical extraction, depending on the location of the tooth. We may need to extract an impacted tooth surgically by making an incision in the gums.

Dr. Barker will try hard to preserve your natural tooth as far as possible. However, in case of severe infection or trauma, tooth extractions in 77385 may be the only option. A dental extraction near you may be necessary if you have:

Overcrowded Dentition – Overcrowded teeth tend to overlap and apply pressure on the surrounding teeth. Our trained dentist in Conroe, TX, may need to extract one or more teeth to make room for other teeth to realign themselves. Extraction may be necessary before orthodontic treatment.

An Impacted Wisdom Tooth – An impacted wisdom tooth can damage surrounding tissue and bone and cause severe pain. A timely extraction provides instant pain relief.

An Acute Infection – Bacterial inflammation may be severe that the tooth cannot be restored even with root canal treatment. In such cases, our skilled dentist may need to extract the affected tooth. If the damaged tooth is not removed, the bacteria may spread to the gingival tissue and cause gum disease.

The patient may continue to struggle with an intermittent or intense toothache.

Tooth Extraction Procedure from Our Dentist Near You

Dr. Barker will first administer local anesthesia (or general anesthesia in some cases) to desensitize the area. Forceps will be used to pull the tooth from its socket; you may feel some pressure but will experience no pain during the procedure. Our dentist will place a dressing on the site and prescribe medication to control post-op discomfort.

After a tooth extraction at Barker Dentistry and Implant Center, it’s best to organize a ride home as the anesthesia may take some time to wear off.

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